Apprentissage : un impact positif sur la réussite des niveaux V

Elodie Alet, and Liliane Bonnal


Students preparing a vocational diploma at what is called “level 5” (CAP or BEP) have a choice between a vocational high school and apprenticeship under a program that alternates between classroom instruction and work experience (formation professionnelle alternée). This article looks at the determinants of the choice between the two paths and seeks to measure the effect of an apprenticeship spell on scholastic achievement. Drawing on data from a panel of secondary-school pupils, we find that programmes that alternate classroom instruction and work experience through apprenticeship offer students preparing a “level 5” vocational diploma a better chance of obtaining it than attendance at a vocational high school.


Vocation diploma; apprenticeship; school outcomes;

JEL codes

  • I21: Analysis of Education
  • I28: Government Policy
  • M53: Training

Published in

Économie et Statistique, vol. 454, 2013, pp. 3–22