Anna d'ANNUNZIO 's HDR Thesis, May 23th, 2023

May 23, 2023 Research

Anna d'ANNUNZIO will defend her HDR on Tuesday 23 May at 15:00 (Auditorium 6 and Hybrid)
« Essais en Économie Industrielle »
To attend the conference, please contact the secretariat Christelle Fotso Tatchum

Memberships are:

  • Bruno Jullien, professor (Toulouse School of Economics, CNRS)
  • Gary Biglaiser : Professor (University of North Carolina)
  • Doh-Shin Jeon : Professor (University of Toulouse Capitole-TSE)
  • Hans Jarle Kind : Professor (NHH Norwegian School of Economics)
  • Wynne Lam : Professor (University of East Anglia)
  • Yassine Lefouili : Professor (University of Toulouse Capitole - TSE)

Abstract :

The papers presented in the HDR application collects my most relevant research contributions. The document is organized in four sections. The first section includes four papers analyzing various strategies that leader firms can profitably use in telecommunications and media markets, which have the effect of restricting consumers' access to quality products. The second section collects two papers on online advertising markets. More precisely, the two papers analyze how intermediaries in the online advertising market affect the distribution of surplus among publishers and advertisers, depending on the effect on key market outcomes (as ad quantity and the availability of information in ad auctions) when there is multi-homing. The third section includes three papers on taxation. The papers consider taxation of a monopolist in different settings: multi-part tariff, multiproduct firm, and second-degree price discrimination. The fourth section includes different research projects at the intersection of digital and health economics. More precisely, this research investigates the role of patients’ data on innovation, considering the peculiarity of the health sector, both in terms of the sensitivity of the data treated and of the existing regulations. Then, part of the research presented in this section aims at investigating the role of intermediaries (as Doctolib in France) connecting doctors and patients.