Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse (IAST), a multidisciplinary institution

The Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse (IAST) is the brainchild of TSE economists, in particular of Jean Tirole, and an integral part of CHESS, receiving almost half of the overall budget of CHESS.

IAST is the multidisciplinary sister institution of TSE, meant to bring together, support, and foster interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in social sciences, in particular quantitative social sciences.

IAST shares the premises, research infrastructure, administrative logistics, and a joint fundraising campaign with TSE. The close cooperation of TSE and IAST along many dimensions is a daily reality that facilitates the organization of the joint Graduate School activities supported by CHESS. IAST, however, remains a separate institution because it has a different mission, and because its independence facilitates the integration of members coming from other disciplines and institutions. From the legal point of view, IAST is a sheltered foundation under the aegis of the Jean-Jacques Laffont Foundation, meaning that it has its own budget and governance, but no legal personality.

The website of the Institute for Advanced Study Toulouse (IAST) is the comprehensive repository for all information on the interdisciplinary dimension of CHESS.