Talks 2018-2019

These conferences are intended to broaden economic culture of our students and to put into perspective what they have learnt from theoretical lectures and arouse their curiosity. These talks also help students shape their careers.

Conferences of the academic year 2018-2019

Semester 1

03/09/2018 Lecture inaugurale Isis DURMEYER - TSE  Assistant professor Air Pollution and regulation of the automotile industry
20/09/2018 Talk on Entrepreneurship Ajit SINGH - ARTIMAN Partner From Galapagos to Silicon Valley – Foundations of Entrepreneurship
27/09/2018 Distinghuished Lecture Glenn LOURY - BROWN UNIVERSITY Professor of the Social Sciences and Professor of Economics  Identity and Racial Inequality?
04/10/2018 BUSINESS TALK Marc LEBOURGES - ORANGE Director of European Regulation and Economic Studies at the Direction of Regulatory Affairs  Platform regulation: perspectives from a telecom operator
12/10/2018 Prix JJ LAFFONT Daron ACEMOGLU - MIT Professor of Economics The Narrow Corridor to Liberty: The Red Queen and the Struggle of State Versus Society
08/11/2018 Distinghuished Lecture Kamel DAOUD Independent journalist and novelist, Oran, Algeria A quoi sert le discours identitaire aujourd’hui?
15/11/2018 Say it Aloud Jean-Pierre SARTHOU Professor ENSAT Toulouse Quel futur pour l'agriculture ?
29/11/2018 BUSINESS TALK Ibrahim BAH - Competition and Consumer Protection Commission Director, Competition Enforcement & Mergers  
06/12/2018 Distinghuished Lecture Rohini PANDE - HARVARD UNIVERSITY Professor of International Political Economy  Gender norms and women’s work

Semester 2

17/01/2019 Business Talk Andreas Ehrenmann - ENGIE Chief Analyst Market design challenges of the green transition
24/01/2019 Academic Talk Michael Becher- IAST Assistant Professor Better democracy through Institutional change? Electoral reform and democratic trade-offs
31/01/2019 Business Talk Eoin Cahill -  Google Marketing Solutions Senior Account Manager and Audience Specialist Google's Digital Marketing Landscape
07/02/2019 Say it Aloud Michel Joly Christophe Delpoux membre du Conseil d’Administration de France libertés, Fondation Danielle Mitterrand / Enseignant en histoire en classe préparatoire littéraire au lycée St Sernin Pourquoi la laïcité ?
14/02/2019 TSEconomist Marisol Vázquez Cuevas - Columbia University Executive Director of the Maison Universitaire Franco-Mexicaine Effective schools for low-income students and the limitations of using PISA for statistical analysis
21/02/2019 Say it Aloud Movie Adam Smith le voyage immobile Thierry Maisonnave, producteur du film / Catherine Aira, réalisatrice du film / Vincent Barthe, co-auteur du film / Alain Alcouffe, enseignant-chercheur au LIRHE à l'UT1, co-auteur de l’ouvrage «Adam Smith à Toulouse et en Occitanie» / Sébastien Pouget, professeur de finance à l'UT1 et membre de TSE et de l'IDEI Adam Smith le voyage immobile
14/03/2019 BUSINESS TALK Mauricio BERMUDEZ - ACCENTURE Principal Director Accenture Strategy Looking for the Holy Grail of Sustainability with Big Data, NLP and ML for ESG ratings
21/03/2019 BUSINESS TALK Pierre Cremieux -Analysis Group Inc. President Economic consulting:  What is it and why work there?


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