Real-world economics

TSE aims, through its industry and policy-oriented research centers, to produce analyses, insights and recommendations in key areas of potential impact. These centers involve a number of partners that are essential in helping us generate deployable solutions and drive innovation in the field. We are most grateful to all partners for their support. 

Promoting research on the impact of digital technology in such areas as organisation, competition policy, education, finance, culture and health.


This initiative brings together industrial and academic partners to exchange on the economics of energy & climate change, giving the opportunity to build new analytical tools to address new challenges, notably in the field of energy markets and development.

Since 2007, the Banque de France and TSE have worked together to support and strengthen excellence in economic research in France, and make key contributions to international economic debate and expertise. As part of their partnership, the Banque de France and TSE work together on issues such as monetary economics and finance – themes of scientific excellence for TSE. 

In 2012, the Banque de France and TSE launched a series of awards in the fields of monetary economics and finance.