New online seminar on the Economics of Platforms

April 14, 2020 Research

The online Economics of Platforms Seminar will meet fortnightly.

Hosted by TSE Digital Center, this virtual seminar series is focused on the economics of platforms. Seminars can cover all aspects related to the economics of platforms including, for example, competition, strategy, design, governance, and policy issues. We hope to attract a good mix of applied theory, empirical papers, and policy discussions.

Upcoming Talks

Seminars will take place every other Tuesday at 2.00 PM Paris Time via Zoom.

- Tuesday, November 3: Zhijun Chen (Monash University), Data-Driven Mergers and Personalization (with C. Choe, J. Cong and N. Matsushima) 
Moderator: Alexandre de Cornière (TSE). Discussant: Greg Taylor (University of Oxford)

- Tuesday, November 17: Jai Pil Choi (Michigan State University), Two-Sided Platforms and Biases in Technology Adoption (with Doh-Shin Jeon)
Moderator : Andrei Hagiu (Boston University). Discussant: Martin Peitz (University of Mannheim)

- Tuesday, December 1: Seth Benzell (MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy), How to Govern Facebook: A Structural Model for Taxing and Regularing Big Tech (with Avinash Collis)
Moderator: Hanna Halaburda (NYU-Stern). Discussant: Alex White (Tsinghua University)
- Tuesday, December 15: Özlem Bedre-Defolie (ESMT-Berlin), Hybrid Platform Model (with Simon Anderson)
Moderator: Alexandre de Cornière (TSE) . Discussant: Heski Bar-Isaac (University of Toronto)

Past Talks

- Tuesday, April 21 : Andrei Hagiu, Boston University, Data enabled learning, network effects and competitive advantage (with Julian Wright)
Moderator: Alexandre de Cornière (TSE)

- Tuesday, May 5: Hui Li, Carnegie Mellon University, Information Transparency, Multi-Homing, and Platform Competition: A Natural Experiment in the Daily Deals Market (with Feng Zhu) 
Moderator: Marc Rysman (Boston University)

- Tuesday, May 19: Renato Gomes, Toulouse School of Economics, Regulating Platform Fees under Price Parity (with Andrea Mantovani)
Moderator: Andrei Hagiu (Boston University)

- Tuesday, June 2: Özlem Bedre-Defolie, ESMT-Berlin, Platform Competition for Exclusivity with a Marquee Seller, (with Gary Biglaiser) 
Moderator: Hanna Halaburda (NYU-Stern) 

- Tuesday, June 16: Maryam Saeedi, Canergie Mellon University, Optimal Rating Systems on Platforms (with Hugo Hopenhayn) 
Moderator: Alexandre de Cornière (TSE)

- Tuesday, June 30: Andrey Fradkin, Boston University, Dog Eat Dog: Measuring Returns to Scale Using a Digital Platform Merger (with Chiara Farronato and Jessica Fong)
Moderator: Feng Zhu (Harvard Business School) 

- Wednesday, July 15: Lester Chan, Boston University, Divide and Conquer in Two-Sided Markets: A Potential-Game Approach
Moderator: Hanna Halaburda (NYU-Stern)

- Tuesday, July 28: Ananya Sen, Carnegie Mellon University, The Editor vs. the Algorithm: Economic Returns to Data and Externalities in Online News (with Jörg Claussen and Christian Peukert)
Moderator: Feng Zhu (Harvard Business School)

- Tuesday, August 11: (Break)

Tuesday, August 25: (Cancelled for EEA 2020)

- Tuesday, September 8: Nikhil Vellodi, Princeton University and Paris School of Economics, Ratings Design and Barriers to Entry
Moderator: Alexandre de Cornière (TSE). Discussant: Maryam Saeedi (Carnegie Mellon University)

- Tuesday, September 22: Andrew Rhodes, Toulouse School of Economics, Platform Design when Sellers Use Pricing Algorithm (with Justin Johnson and Matthijs Wildenbeest) 
Moderator: Hanna Halaburda (NYU-Stern). Discussant: Alexander MacKay (Harvard Business School)

- Tuesday, October 6: Gregory Lewis, Microsoft Research, The Supply and Demand Effects of Review Platforms (with Georgios Zervas)
Moderator: Andrey Fradkin (Boston University). Discussant: Chiara Farronato (Harvard Business School)

- Tuesday, October 20: Benjamin Leyden, Cornell University, Platform Design and Innovation Incentives: Evidence from the Product Ratings System on Apple's App Store
Moderator: Andrei Hagiu (Boston University). Discussant: Georgios Zervas (Boston University)


Scientific Committee

Co-chairs: Andrei Hagiu, Julian Wright

Members: Luis Cabral, Emilio Calvano, Alexandre de Cornière, Jacques Crémer, Özlem Bedre-Defolie, Chiara Farronato, Andrey Fradkin, Hanna Halaburda, Doh-Shin Jeon, Martin Peitz, Marc Rysman, Greg Taylor, Catherine Tucker, Feng Zhu

Seminar guidelines

The speaker will present for 40 mins, 5 mins for the discussant and we will have 15 mins for Q&A. Each seminar will be moderated, and participants can post their questions to the chat room on Zoom. Questions will usually be channeled through the moderator. Participants (other than the speaker and moderator) should leave their video and mic off unless asked by the moderator to speak. More detailed rules will be shared in due course.


To propose a talk, please contact one of the co-chairs of the Scientific Committee:

Andrei Hagiu: or Julian Wright:

For questions pertaining to the organization of the seminar, including being added to our mailing list, please contact Marie-Hélène Dufour