Executive Education




" I enjoyed the course so much. TSE Schools of Economics has, no doubt, renowned experts in industrial organization. Putting together antitrust practitioners and TSE researchers enriched the sessions. "

" I was delighted to virtually spend a day with top professionals and professors who shared the most recent developments
in the economics of digital markets. The course was an excellent combination of rigorous works that took me back to my economic classes at university and the application of these ideas to the topics that are the subject of all current debates about competition in digital markets. "

" I recently attended a seminar on "Recent Developments in Competition Policy" (October 2022 in Brussels). Excellent line-up and selection of topics to be discussed in a setting that invites reflection and discussion. Very good mix of participants with different backgrounds (academia, regulatory, consulting, legal). Exchange of thoughts about recent and upcoming issues at an excellent quality level! "


" I hugely enjoyed the TSE Ex Ed seminar. The presentations were insightful and of exceptional quality. Even more important was the opportunity to exchange thoughts and ideas, and spar with, these truly outstanding economic thinkers, who are at the cutting edge of their profession. Definitely recommended! "


"I truly enjoyed the whole course and felt like back home again by virtually coming back to TSE for a day. With the clear and important insights into innovation to markets made by world-class experts, I have recognized the power of economics again. The program was also very well and professionally organized. I highly recommend TSE's Executive Education program. "

“ Behind a big screen in an improvised classroom, our team really enjoyed the recent TSE Exed course on algorithms and competition. 
As always, extremely topical and thought-provoking lectures given by outstanding competition professionals and academic experts. 
During the breaks we discussed how we could apply the insights of the different sessions to our own work. 
Very inspiring. Looking forward to the next edition. ”   


" The sessions were well-organized and had the right balance between presenting some fundamental economic concepts in a lucid way and discussing more advanced issues. This was not an introduction to the economics of competition law as such, rather a discussion of specific current phenomena and of the role of economics and competition law. Very thought-provoking. I look forward to the next seminars.



" This is a "master class" in the true sense of the expression: A top level "faculty" and a top level "student body". An engaging way to a broader horizons. "


" TSE Executive Education seminars mix the right amount of challenging topics, academic excellence and key stakeholders to discuss and listen about the key questions in current debates in competition law and economics. "


" The course combined theoretical and practical insights in an engaging and accessible way.
As a TSE alumni, it reminded me of my time at university, with additional interesting debates focused on current topics in the competition field. "