TSE Forum Energie et Climat 2020

March 23, 2020

IEA - 9 rue de la Fédération 75739 Paris Cedex 15

TSE's Energy and Climate Forum brings together researchers and key industrial players to discuss the major issues at stake in the development of renewable energies and the impact of their integration into the energy market.

This year, the forum will be organised on 23 March 2020 in collaboration with the IEA (International Energy Agency), the Organisation for economic co-operation and development, which helps governments to take action on energy and oil policy.

Theme: The Challenge of Energy Transition in Mobility

Decarbonisation of the energy mix is revolutionising mobility. Under pressure from public policy, the transport sector must improve the environmental performance of its products. The car fleet is being transformed, internal combustion engine fuel is being replaced by electricity, hydrogen or biofuels. This transformation is accompanied by major investment in research and development in the battery sector and the deployment of recharging infrastructures. Digitization and automation are opening up new possibilities for organizing our journeys. 

*Simultaneous translation to English will be available 

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