Amundi-TSE Partnership


Amundi is a former partner of TSE. As the largest asset manager in Europe, Amundi was naturally concerned with responsible investment. As part of its cultural identity, but also because of its size, Amundi was bound to take into account the broad impact of capital investments on the society or, as economists would say, to internalize possible investment externalities. TSE is a first-class academic player in the world of sustainable finance, behavioral finance, and environmental economics. Many TSE researchers are world experts when it comes to long-term asset valuation, climate change, investor behaviors, and economics of natural resources. A partnership between Amundi and TSE on asset management and responsible investments strengthened their mutual expertise. 

Research topics

  • Responsible Finance, Sustainable Growth, Climate Change (Responsible Investment, Long-Term Investment and Climate and Carbon Emissions) 
  • Behavioral finance, smart beta and asset management 
  • Water topics


About our partner