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Jean Tirole Nobel Lecture will be live streamed
Watch the Nobel Lecture given by TSE Chairman Jean Tirole live on Monday 8 December through the Nobel Prizes official website:
Jean Tirole awarded Nobel Prize in Economics

Jean Tirole awarded 2014 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. He is awarded this year’s prize for "his research on information theory to industrial organization and regulation".

2015 Job Market Candidates
13 PhD TSE Candidates to the Job Market 2015.

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Placement Officer : Christian Hellwig

Thierry Magnac elected to the Econometric Society Council
Congratulations to Thierry Magnac  who has been elected to the Econometric Society Council for Europe for a term of four years beginning on January 2015.

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Christian Hellwig elected to EEA Council
Christian Hellwig has been elected to the "European Economic Association " and will sit for a term of five years, starting on January 1ft 2015. The European Economic Association is the reference scientific society for Economics in Europe.

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Bruno Jullien and Thomas Mariotti, Fellow of the Econometric Society
Bruno Jullien , TSE Scientific Director   and Thomas Mariotti, Research Director has been elected  Fellow of the Econometric Society, the most prestigious learned society in the field of economics. Becoming a fellow is an honorary designation highly valued by members of the economics profession.

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TSE Mag #7 

Fall 2014 

In this edition: tribute to Jean-Philippe Lesne, highlights from the EEA-ESEM 2014 Congress, updates from TSE researchers and announcement of new Partnerships.
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TSE Debate

Pharmaceutical innovation & regulation
Pierre DUBOIS - 9 september 2014

Pierre Dubois, professor of economics at TSE, is an expert in industrial organization applied to health and pharmaceutical economics. He gives us an insight here on recent and upcoming developments in this fast-moving field particularly subject to market shifts, government intervention, asymmetric information, uncertainty and barriers to entry.

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New website :
For the last half-century, the world’s leading universities have taught microeconomics through the lens of the Arrow-Debreu model of general competitive equilibrium.