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A quoi sert la concurrence ? Nos chercheurs répondent.
A travers un nouvel ouvrage collectif publié par la revue “ Concurrence “, 100 personnalités répondent à la question « A quoi sert la concurrence ? »: historiens, économistes, juristes, sociologues, hommes d’église, entrepreneurs et acteurs politiques… dont Claude Crampes et Thomas Olivier Léautier , chercheurs TSE spécialistes de l’économie de l’énergie, sur “ Industrie électrique : Des électrons libres dans un marché corseté ".

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Workshop on 4-5th September on food markets
TSE will hold in Toulouse a new workshop "Producer’ Organizations (Pos) In Agricultural Markets" on September 4-5 th 2014. The objective of the workshop is to discuss recent theoretical and empirical contributions on the role of producers’ organizations for the functioning of food markets.
This conference is organized by  Zohra Bouamra-Mechemache and Angelo Zago.

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Practical information for new TSE students
The Ecole TSE will welcome new students (Bachelor students- Licence 3) on Monday 1ft September at 9 am in the Manufacture des tabacs (Building MB II).
 For Master 1 and Master 2, the fall will be held on Monday 8th September. Also for undergraduate students (Licence 1 et 2) the fall will be held on  Monday 8th September.

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IMF lists 25 Brightest Young Economists

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has identified twenty-five young economists who it expects will shape the world's thinking about the global economy in the future.
We would like to congratulate three of them Nicholas BLOOM N°1 (Stanford University), Matthew GENTZKOW N°10(University of Chicago) and Jonathan LEVIN N°15 (Stanford University) for their implication in our partnership IDEI/TNIT who appear in this prestigious list.

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Conference on Trading in electronic market on September 11-12, 2014
Bruno BIAIS et Sophie MOINAS, TSE researchers, organize a workshop on "Trading in electronic market ". The workshop is sponsored by the ERC and the chair IDEI/FBF , and it will take place from September 11 to September 12. Its objective is to bring together several researchers, who will present their recent work on various issues linked with trading in electronic markets, like risk sharing, pricing competition, trading frequency, and transaction taxes.

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Jean Tirole one of the world's "most influential minds"
An international study identifies TSE President Jean Tirole as one of the world’s most influential scientific minds of 2014. The book, released by the intelligent information source Thomson Reuters, uses citation statistics to establish a list of those researchers “performing and publishing work that their peers recognize as vital to the advancement of their science”.

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The 29th annual congress of the European Economic Association (EEA) and the 68th European meeting of the Econometric Society (ESEM) will take place from August 25 to August 29. The conference is organized by TSE and UT1 Capitole .
More than 1500 scientists from all over the world will attend the conference.

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TSE Mag #6 

Summer 2014 

Special edition

Highlights include the big interview with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize 2001 and laureate of the 2014 Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize, an exclusive interview with Bruno Sire, UT Capitole President about the TIGER Forum and the European School of Law, research highlights from the event, as well as a look back at the TIGER Forum 2014 in pictures and videos.
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TSE Debate

Political firms, public procurement, and the democratization process in Paraguay
Stéphane STRAUB - 4 April 2014

In April 2008, the Paraguayan Associación Nacional Republicana (ANR), locally known as the Colorado Party, was defeated in the presidential election by a coalition of opposition parties and social organizations led by a former Catholic bishop...

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For the last half-century, the world’s leading universities have taught microeconomics through the lens of the Arrow-Debreu model of general competitive equilibrium.