Centre Finance Durable TSE

Upcoming conferences

FIT IN Initiative: Workshop on Mobile Money Interoperability, 15–16 décembre 2022, salle Auditorium 3 Jean-Jacques Laffont.

Past conferences

Annual Conference on Risk Markets and Value Creation, 20–21 octobre 2022, salle Auditorium 3.

Workshop Banque de France - TSE, 29 septembre 2022, salle Auditorium 3 Jean-Jacques Laffont.

Common Good Summit, 19–20 mai 2022, salle TSE Building and online.

Launching Ceremony - Initiative for Effective Corporate Climate Action, 18 mai 2022, 17h00–18h30, salle Cafeteria.

SCOR/TSE Workshop on Long Term Care and Aging, Online, 28 janvier 2022, 14h00.

2nd Sustainable Finance Center Conference, TSE, Toulouse, 2–3 décembre 2021, salle Online.

Common Good Summit, 27–28 mai 2021.

SCOR / TSE Workshop on Behavioral Insurance Economics, Online, 15 avril 2021, 13h30–17h00.

2nd Tokenomics Conference: on Blockchain Economics, Security and Protocols, TSE, 26–27 octobre 2020, salle Auditorium 3 (Ground floor & Online).