3 juin : HDR de Renato Gomes

3 Juin 2020 Recherche

Monsieur Renato DIAS DE BRITO GOMES soutiendra ses travaux pour l’ H.D.R. en Sciences économiques le 03/06/2020 à 16h00

Titre: “Essays in Industrial Organization

Soutenance via Zoom Meeting. Pour y participer, merci de contacter Bruno Jullien.

Le jury se compose comme suit :

  • Professor Jean TIROLE, Directeur d’Études (TSE and IAST)
  • Professor Bruno JULLIEN, Directeur de Recherche (TSE and CNRS)
  • Professor Alessandro PAVAN, Professor of Economics (Northwestern University)
  • Professor Philippe CHONÉ, Professor of Economics (ENSAE)
  • Professor José Luis MORAGA-GONZALEZ, Professor of Economics (University of Amsterdam and University of Groningen)

Résumé des travaux (en anglais):

This thesis collects fours axes of my previous and ongoing research: the first studies allocative mechanisms such as auctions and matching procedures used in online markets; the second is on competition policy, regarding for instance the pricing of ancillary goods and the regulation of platform commissions; the third concerns optimal taxation, in environments involving occupational choice by workers; and the fourth investigates the effects of second-degree price discrimination in imperfectly competitive settings.