Soutenance de thèse de Milena Petrova le 14 décembre

14 Décembre 2018 Recherche

Milena Petrova soutiendra sa thèse en sciences économiques "Essays in Empirical Industrial Organization" vendredi 14 décembre 2018, 10h30 Salle MS 217 (Manufacture des Tabacs)..

Directeur de thèse : Christian Bontemps, TSE researcher

Les membres du jury se décomposent ainsi :

  • Madame Helena PERRONE, Professeure d’économie à l’ Université Pompeu Fabra
  • Madame Grazia CECERE, Professeure d’économie à l’ Institut Mines Telecom
  • Monsieur Wilfried SAND, Professeur d’économie à TSE
  • Monsieur Christian BONTEMPS, Professeur d’économie à TSE

Résumé : (en anglais)

In the past couple of decades, digitization has affected the strategy of economic players and the structure of markets across the board by lowering the cost of storing, sharing and analyzing data. This has given rise to a new field of economics, the economics of digitization, which touches upon the fields of industrial organization, market design, information economics, and labor economics. For industrial economists, these new questions and challenges coupled with new types of data, have led to vigorous research on the topics of reputation, search, rankings, matching, and online auctions. Following this line of research, the first two of the chapters in my thesis are on the topics information frictions and reputation systems in online service markets, and the third chapter proposes a novel methodology for modeling transaction prices motivated by competition on online distribution channels.