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Power Distribution in French River Basin Committees

Vera Zaporozhets


I study the distribution of voting power between different decision-makers in French river basin committees over the period 1987-2007. To do so, in the first part of the paper, I apply different power measures traditionally used in the literature as well as some other ones lesser known in this context. I compare then the predictions of several indices for the relative power of different decision-makers in different voting situations. In the second part, I describe the methodology to design an optimal decision rule. A simple computational exercise based on this methodology suggests that the residential water users in Adour-Garonne river basin were under represented in the river basin committee during 1989-2006.


environmental management; water policy; collective decision-making; voting; power indices; optimal decision rule;

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Vera Zaporozhets, « Voting Power and Decision Making in Environmental Committees: the Case of French Water Agencies », Water Resources and Economics, vol. 12, 2015, p. 40–51.


Vera Zaporozhets, « Power Distribution in French River Basin Committees », TSE Working Paper, n° 15-558, février 2015.

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TSE Working Paper, n° 15-558, février 2015