Sharing when stranger equals danger: Ridesharing during Covid-19 pandemic

Marc Ivaldi et Emil Palikot


Using data collected from one of the most popular ridesharing platforms, we illustrate how mobility has changed after the exit from the Covid-19 induced confinement. We measure the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the level of mobility and the price of ridesharing. Finally, we show that the pandemic has exacerbated ethnic discrimination. Our results suggest that a decision-maker encouraging the use of ridesharing during the pandemic should account for the impact of the perceived health risks on ridesharing prices and should find ways to ensure fair access.


Ridesharing; digital mobility; price discrimination;


Marc Ivaldi et Emil Palikot, « Sharing when stranger equals danger: Ridesharing during Covid-19 pandemic », Transport Policy, septembre 2023, p. 221–231.

Publié dans

Transport Policy, septembre 2023, p. 221–231