News-Driven Business Cycles : Insights and Challenges

Paul Beaudry et Franck Portier


There is a widespread belief that changes in expectations may be an important independent driver of economic fluctuations. The news view of business cycles offers a formalization of this perspective. In this paper we discuss mechanisms by which changes in agents' information, due to the arrival of news, can cause business cycle fluctuations driven by expectational change, and we review the empirical evidence aimed at evaluating their relevance. In particular, we highlight how the literature on news and business cycles offers a coherent way of thinking about aggregate fluctuations, while at the same time we emphasize the many challenges that must be addressed before a proper assessment of the role of news in business cycles can be established


Letting different views; Bayesian DSGE approach; Macroeconomic fluctuations; Production externalities; Technical change;

Codes JEL

  • D83: Search • Learning • Information and Knowledge • Communication • Belief
  • D84: Expectations • Speculations
  • E13: Neoclassical
  • E32: Business Fluctuations • Cycles
  • O33: Technological Change: Choices and Consequences • Diffusion Processes


Paul Beaudry et Franck Portier, « News-Driven Business Cycles : Insights and Challenges », Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 52, n° 4, décembre 2014, p. 993–1074.

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Journal of Economic Literature, vol. 52, n° 4, décembre 2014, p. 993–1074