30 novembre, Business Talk avec Pascale Déchamps (Autorité de la concurrence)

30 Novembre 2023 Evénements

Le service carrières est heureux d'accueillir Pascale Déchamps (Autorité de la concurrence)  le jeudi 30 novembre 2023 à 17H00, dans les locaux de TSE.

Pascale Déchamps nous fera l'honneur de venir présenter une conférence aux étudiants de TSE : "To serve consumers by promoting competition: working at the French Competition Authority"

Ces conférences - Business Talk ont pour objectif de développer la connaissance économique des étudiants et de les aider dans la construction de leur projet professionnel.


Biographie (en anglais) :

Pascale Déchamps has been Deputy General Rapporteur at the French Competition Authority since January 2021. She is the head of the unit in charge of antitrust infringement cases in the digital and telecom sectors, with a focus on online advertising. Her team has worked on major actions such as rejecting interim measures on Apple for its App Tracking Transparency system, fining Google €220 million for favoring its own services, the first commitments made by Meta to a competition authority in 2022 and imposing interim measures on Meta in ad verification in June 2023.

Before joining the Authority, Pascale was a partner at an economics and finance consultancy, and was Head of their Paris office after being Head of their Brussels office for many years. She was also a non-governmental adviser to the Authority within the ICN between 2017 and 2020. She holds an Executive MBA from HEC (2023). She graduated in 2004 with a Msc in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Msc in statistics and econometrics from the Toulouse University.

Contact : careers@tse-fr.eu