Development economics


Economists of the development group at TSE are characterized by an analytical approach in theory and applied structural econometrics. They distinguish themselves by numerous international publications in top general and specialized journals, including the Journal of Development Economics. Research contracts for the World Bank, the European Union or the French Development Agency complement their field of expertise and gives the team a much needed field knowledge. They cover Africa, Latin America and Asia, as well as transition countries.

You can watch a quick example of research work lead within the groupe here:


Topics include industrial economics, public economics, political economy, labor economics, regulation, international economics and economic geography, agricultural and environmental economics. The research produced is based on a micro-economic approach, which provides its unity to the group. The development Group at TSE operates as a flexible network, in which researchers enjoy three types of externalities. First is the Development Economics seminar on Thursday, which is a public good for researchers in the group and attracts many students. Then there is the movement of graduate students within the network, not hesitating to knock on various doors for advice or suggestions on their research. Finally, there is the scientific cooperation between group members.