Doctoral program DEEQA

The DEEQA year consists in a final year of advanced, specialized courses. Students should select 7 courses (1 credit per course), attend a 'workshop'/work group (2 credits) and present some original research work in September. 

After the M2 ETE, the DEEQA year is the first year of the PhD program at TSE. DEEQA students follow advanced courses in order to reach the knowledge frontier of their research fields. Each student must select 7 courses and attend a workshop. The DEEQA must be validated by the production and the defense of a research paper in the fall following the academic year.

2018-2019 courses

Semester 1

Semester 2

DEEQA/M2 Methodological Classes (30h) :

DEEQA Field classes (45H):



DEEQA Field classes (30H):

  • Advanced Behavioral and Experimental Economics (BEE) II
  • Advanced Industrial Organization (IO) II
  • Advanced Econometrics and Empirical Economics (EEE) II
  • Advanced economic theory II
  • Advanced Finance II: Asset pricing and Financial Markets (2)
  • Advanced Macroeconomics II
  • Advanced Public Policy and Applied Economics (PPAE) II

M2 Field DEEQA:

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