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TSE Job Market Candidates 2014

Advisor References
Job Market paper


Research Statement

Research Fields
Miguel A. Alcobendas Marc Ivaldi
Jan Brueckner
Kenneth Small
"Congestion at Airports: Implementing a Two-Part Landing Fee at San Francisco International Airport "
  Empirical Industrial Organization
Economics of Transportation
Charles Angelucci
Patrick Rey
Jean Tirole
Philippe Aghion
Oliver Hart
Emmanuel Farhi
"Motivating Information Acquisition through Risky Decision-Making "    
Microeconomic Theory
Industrial Organization
Political Economy
Samuele Centorrino
J.-Pierre Florens Eric Renault
Jeffrey Racine
Stephane Bonhomme
Paul Seabright
"On the Implementation of Nonparametric Instrumental Regressions with Data Driven Choice of the Regularization Parameter "

Non parametric Statistics
Behavioral & Experimental Economics
Haina Ding
Alexander Gümbel
Bruno Biais
Sébastien Pouget
"Innovation strategies and stock price informativeness "
Finance/Financial Economics,
Corporate Finance
François Geerolf
"PhD Sciences-Po"
Philippe Martin
Emmanuel Farhi
Christian Hellwig
Jean Tirole
"A Theory of Power Law Distributions for the Returns to Capital and of the Credit Spread Puzzle "    
Macroeconomics & Finance, International Finance
Xingyi Liu
Patrick Rey Wilfried Zantman Jacques Crémer    
"Vertical Integration and Innovation "
Industrial Organization
Eric Mengus    
Jean Tirole
Christian Hellwig Emmanuel Farhi
Roberto Pancrazi
"International Bailouts: Why Did Banks' Collective Bet Lead Europe to Rescue Greece? "
"Foreign Debt and Ricardian Equivalence. "
International Finance, Macroeconomics
Simone Meraglia    
Roberta Dessi
Alberto Bisin
Enio Stacchetti
Bruno Jullien
Gustavo Piga
"Trade Self Governance, and the provision of Law and order with an Application to Medieval English Chantered Towns    
Political Economy
Organizational Economics
Yaping Wu
Helmuth Cremer
J.M. Lozachmeur
David Bardey
"Optimal Compensation Rule:
Pay-For-Performance Versus Fee-For-Service
Health Economics, Development Economics
Rui Zhang
Gilles Saint-Paul
Franck Portier
Marti Mestieri
"Exposure to New Wave of Offshoring, Unemployment and Welfare "  
Labor Economics, Unemployment, International Economics

Placement Officer:
Professor Christian Hellwig
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Placement Secretary
Aude Schloesing
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