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Jean Tirole one of the world's "most influential minds"
An international study identifies TSE President Jean Tirole as one of the world’s most influential scientific minds of 2014. The book, released by the intelligent information source Thomson Reuters, uses citation statistics to establish a list of those researchers “performing and publishing work that their peers recognize as vital to the advancement of their science”.

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2014 Edmond Malinvaud Prize
Milo Bianchi, TSE researcher, and Matteo Bobba have been awarded the "Edmond Malinvaud 2014 Prize" for their article "Liquidity, Risk, and Occupational Choices" published in the Review of Economic Studies. This prize rewards the best scientific article authored by young economists published in the EconLit journal.

Conference in honour of JJ Laffont
Xinzhu Zhang, a former doctoral student of Jean-Jacques Laffont and currently Deputy Director of the "Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics" in China, organized on June 10th and 12th, 2014, a conference in NanChang in honor of Jean-Jacques Laffont (1947-2004). The conference on  "Mechanism Design and Industrial Organization" brought together several researchers including Jean Tirole from TSE who presented a public lecture on "Have Regulatory Reforms Made Banks Safer?".

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Friday, June 27th, Paul Seabright, Director of the IAST and a TSE researcher, was appointed to the new National Commission for the evaluation of innovation policies. The commission aims to evaluate the different components and dimensions of evaluation in terms of their economic impact policies; analyze them as a whole and make proposals to improve their effectiveness. It also aims to raise awareness of good practices in innovation policy, on the basis of a national and international oversight work.

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2013 Annual Report
TSE has published its new annual report. More than 60 pages of highlights about the scientific life (publications, awards, debate, conferences...) the educational life of the school  and the business partnerships during the last year.

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Award of the "Best Young Economist Prize"
Augustin Landier,  TSE researcher, has been awarded the 2014 Best Young Economist Prize by the French think tank Cercle des économistes and French journal Le Monde in partnership with the French Senate. Thus, Augustin Landier sees his pioneering work on the financial contracts of companies and their incentive properties, as well as the numerous insights it brings to public debate, rewarded.

The 29th annual congress of the European Economic Association (EEA) and the 68th European meeting of the Econometric Society (ESEM) will take place from August 25 to August 29. The conference is organized by TSE and UT1 Capitole .
More than 1500 scientists from all over the world will attend the conference.

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TSE Mag #6 

Summer 2014 

Special edition

Highlights include the big interview with Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel prize 2001 and laureate of the 2014 Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize, an exclusive interview with Bruno Sire, UT Capitole President about the TIGER Forum and the European School of Law, research highlights from the event, as well as a look back at the TIGER Forum 2014 in pictures and videos.
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TSE Debate

Political firms, public procurement, and the democratization process in Paraguay
Stéphane STRAUB - 4 April 2014

In April 2008, the Paraguayan Associación Nacional Republicana (ANR), locally known as the Colorado Party, was defeated in the presidential election by a coalition of opposition parties and social organizations led by a former Catholic bishop...

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