Support the TSE Foundation to:


  • Build a unique and lasting project in Europe, combining the market-based UK-US approach, with a French approach in the highest tradition of Public Economics. 
  • Support the world’s leading research centre in Industrial Economics which, over the past 30 years has experienced major changes in Economic Competition Regulations and Laws, not to mention in Energy, Transport, Telecoms, and IT.
  • Drive research forward in key areas of Economics in the 21st century, including Environmental and Natural Resources, Energy, IT, Development and Regulations.
  • Consolidate the “reverse brain drain” initiated by TSE 10 years ago and help, on the long term, a large number of leading or promising researchers to live and work in France.
  • Strengthen resources belonging to the learning centre, which has been constantly innovative since the 1990s with its PhD programs and nowadays continues with its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.